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Local Businesses You Can Support From Home

Cindy Barnard

You might say “building dreams” has been Cindy’s ongoing pursuit...

You might say “building dreams” has been Cindy’s ongoing pursuit...

Mar 24 1 minutes read

As a member of the Peachtree City community, we know how important it is to support our small businesses.

We know that more and more small businesses here in Peachtree City are being affected and to continue to support them as much as we can, we’ve compiled a list of several local businesses that you can support from home.

1. Peachtree City Market

Fresh, local produce, honey, bread, coffee & more. Why are we staying open? Because locally grown produce has known sources with fewer touch points than a conventional grocery system & the market is open air rather than a contained store.

2. PTC Microgreens

Keep healthy with their home grown, pesticide free, nutritious microgreens. They’re offering free deliveries

3. Grinds & Wines

Open for take out! Swing by for a delicious lunch, dinner, or a latte.

4. Palmer’s

Open from 4-8pm each day for curbside pickup and delivery only.

4. The Italian Oven

They’re open for take out and offering specials on family sized meals and gift cards.

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